George Chryssochoos established GXInspections LLC upon realizing his home inspections' experience provided value to his fellow neighbors. "Our home is our safe space, our shelter. Becoming a homeowner is a profound achievement - it's one of, if not the biggest purchases of our lives, so, it should be done right".

George's initially learned the ins and outs of real estate by co-founding a renovation company in 2017. From diverse client needs to navigating various permit requirements and learning what brands provided the best quality for different budgets, he continued to gain valuable insight into creating a home worthy of the investment.

His passion for helping others led him to FEMA, where he later worked as a sub-contracting case manager, evaluating and assessing homes after Hurricane Harvey. That experience, that joy of having the privilege to help his fellow neighbor in a time where shock and devastation seemed to hit us all, was it for him. He immediately set goals to enroll in real estate school and become a licensed realtor here in Texas.

George's genuine desire is to make sure every client moves into their home, knowing it could not be higher in quality or be any safer had he built it himself.